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Good value mobile homes that are renovated regularly. Very well maintained campsite with quality services.   Are you looking for a great value campsite in Normandy for your next holiday? Do you want quality services for a low price?   Our Ile Des Trois Rois campsite is the best choice in the region. We renovate our rentals regularly, we provide quality services and we keep the campsite in perfect shape.   Our goal is to provide you with the best possible quality for your trip. So, our mobile homes and other rentals are always up to date, compliant with current standards and fully equipped.

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Low-cost campsite near Paris

For your next low-cost holiday near Paris, we offer a variety of rentals. Do you usually spend your holidays in a tent, trailer or camper?   You will love our three kinds of pitches, all with electricity, starting at 23 euros per night. If you want a view of the Seine, it’s only 29 euros per night and for a “Fully Connected” pitch, (running water + electricity), 32 euros per night.   If you like sleeping in a tent, but want a bit more comfort, try our adorable Coco Sweet bungalows, starting at 47 euros per night (2 nights minimum) and 190 euros per week. For campers who want both camping and modern comforts, we offer fully equipped mobile homes starting at 75 euros per night (2 nights minimum) or 255 euros per week.

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Special Offers

We try to provide you with the best services and the lowest prices. We regularly publish special offers online that you can use any time the campsite is open: several couple offers starting at 159 euros per week, or up to 4 nights free in a mobile home or pitch so that you can enjoy your holiday in Normandy by the Seine even more.   Make sure you look at the Promotions page so you can choose yours.

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